About Us

Our coworking space speaks volumes in elegance and functionality. A space cultivated to boost your chances of success ranging from a hot desk to a private office decked with a variety of amenities based on your needs. Our vibrant office space also provides virtual office, recruitment services, training services, HR, and payroll services. Virtua Hub is a playground for minds that ensures you stay inspired to work to your fullest potential.

Who We Are?

Welcome to our exciting world of coworking where we aspire to offer more than just a desk and chair. Virtua Hub from being in the software development market for about 11 years has ventured into the Co-working space market, building affordable and flexible workspaces for entrepreneurs, corporate users, and small businesses who cannot meet the expense of high overhead costs and long-term leases. Connect to an IoT integrated smart space that’s more than just fancy walls.

We host members from diverse industries and backgrounds like remote workers, startup enthusiasts, and corporate employees. Enjoy the energy level that stirs you to grow better than yesterday. Utilize opportunities to make connections that could be your next business partner. Build more and grow better at our flexible, shared office space in Chennai.

Our Story

The founding team hails from the chiliastic generation that has bigger dreams than doing just a 9-5. They understood the concept of entrepreneurship and the challenges that come along. With the eagerness to sanction the fellow dreamers to pursue their passion, Virtua Hub coworking space was established to back every one with an appetite for success but limited funds. Making sure that nobody faces any inconvenience on their way to success, our coworking space in Chennai works towards making their space tech-enabled, motivating, and fun.